I may be raising the next great super villain

Confession: I may be raising the next great super villain. A bold statement straight out of the gates, I know, but read on and I think you may agree with me. Lloyd is the runt of the litter. He actually holds the record for biggest/heaviest baby at birth, but his weight took a nose-dive at around 9 months and he is now the puniest of our crew. But don’t let his bony knees and pointy elbows fool you, this kid is not the cute little mascot-in-training that he looks like. … [Read more...]

Thrifty Thursday – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Baby it's cold outside, thrifting deals

Baby it's cold outside. Texas is finally having a winter! While I am super thrilled, Melanie was a little less enthusiastic when I asked her to model a few of her latest thrifting finds outside. It was 33 degrees, and with wind chill it felt like 25 degree. But she did it, because she loves me. … [Read more...]

Thrifty Thursday – Thanksgiving Edition

Thrifty Thursday Thanksgiving Edition Boys and Costumes

** This post contains affiliate links and/or ads. I make a small percentage when you click through or make a purchase. That you for supporting my blog! And even though it is Thanksgiving, this post is all about the awesome deals I got at WalMart in the days after Halloween. First, let me say that Wal-Mart was not the first stop on our quest for discount costumes. We first went to Spirit Halloween. If you've never heard of them, they are an online costume warehouse that sets up brick and mortar shops every September and it disappears the week after Halloween. … [Read more...]

Another TMI Confession

If bathroom signs were truly accurate...

Well friends, brace yourself for another TMI confession: I don’t like to go to the bathroom in public establishments, to the point of stupidity. And even though I have had more than one experience that should have taught me a lesson, I continue to “hold it” with the understanding that I will be home soon, and all will be well. Allow me to paint you a picture: … [Read more...]

If the baby shoes fit…

baby shoes

Once upon a time (about a week ago) I couldn’t find a single pair of Dory’s baby shoes. I found 4 individual shoes, but of course none of them matched. Ugh. We were trying to go run errands to begin with, and apparently a trip to the shoe store was going to be added in. At the last minute, Melanie found a second shoe that was a match. Hurrah! But the shoes seemed to fit just barely, so time to get a bigger size. … [Read more...]