If the baby shoes fit…

Once upon a time (about a week ago) I couldn’t find a single pair of Dory’s baby shoes. I found 4 individual shoes, but of course none of them matched. Ugh. We were trying to go run errands to begin with, and apparently a trip to the shoe store was going to be added in.

At the last minute, Melanie found a second shoe that was a match. Hurrah! But the shoes seemed to fit just barely, so time to get a bigger size.

I know most moms have at least one thing that they are “particular” about. For some it is car seats (“Only backward facing until my child is 4”), for others it is natural foods (“We don’t allow our child to eat any artificial food coloring”). For me, it’s shoes. Don’t ask me why. It’s not like I grew up wearing ill-fitting hand-me-down shoes that gave me a complex. But for whatever reason, it’s important to me that my children have shoes that are healthy for growing babies.

Unfortunately that usually means a hefty price tag. When Melanie was little, her feet were like bricks. We called them Flinstone Feet because they were these solid, fleshy rectangles. She didn’t wear shoes until she was a year old because we couldn’t find shoes that her fat little feet would fit into. At a year we finally went to Stride Rite and forked over $40 a pair to get the extra wide shoes for our little chunk-kin.flinstone-feet

PediPed has great information on foot health for little ones, and certain things to look for in baby shoes. I remember reading also that the sole of the shoe should be flexible enough to bend in half, and that you should be able to twist the soles as well. Try doing this little exercise the next time you are cruising the baby-shoe aisle at Wal-Mart. You will be amazed. A lot of toddler shoe soles are made of a hard rubber that barely gives, let alone bend in half.

The way I have managed to indulge my shoe-fixation is by shopping clearance sales. My personal favorite is See Kai Run If you plan in advance and keep your eyes open, you can get great deals. I usually pay $20 or less per pair of shoes, and because I am buying multiple pairs at once (again, that planning in advance) I get free shipping too.

But back to Dory’s shoe crisis. We only had one pair of shoes, and she needed new ones. NOW. I figured I could get a decent pair at Payless Shoes until I found another sweet deal at See Kai Run.

The lady at Payless was super nice and offered to measure Dory’s feet. Perfect! Except that she was currently wearing (crammed in to?) a size 4.5 and she measured at just over 6.5.

Mother of the Year. Right here.

After I finished gasping in guilt, I pasted on a smile and started shoe hunting. We ended up with these cute tennis shoes, that do indeed bend in half and twist side to side. Dory no longer has to be put through the Ugly Step Sister treatment when trying to cram her feet in her shoes.

Dory's new shoes is on the left, her old one on the right. *Hangs head in shame*
Dory’s new shoes is on the left, her old one on the right. *Hangs head in shame*

I’m sure she’s grateful. (I, however, still feel guilty.)



  1. vicki says

    My youngest had fat feet too. We spent 40.00 on a pr of brown sandals for summer. He was 2 yrs old and this was 1977. Forty dollars was a lot of money then!!! A couple weeks later we were at the lake and he walked in mud which sucked one sandal off his foot. We dug and dug and never found it. Now he is 41 yrs and wears size 14 and 15 but at least he pays for his own shoes these days . Lol..

  2. Sharon says

    Once, when our son was about two, I went to Stride Rite to get him shoes. The nice person measured, then informed me they didn’t have those cute saddle shoes in his size. No worries, we were headed to Grandmas for thanksgiving, we could get them at her Stride Rite. So the Saturday after Thsnksgiving, we head to the store where I tell the nice salesperson what I want and the size. The shoes are brought out, but barely fit!!! His feet had grown almost a full size in THREE DAYS!! Don’t kick yourself too hard for the small shoes!

    • FlawedHumanBlog says

      That really does make me feel better, Sharon! I just read an article that said your child’s feet grow an average of half a size every 2-4 months starting at 12 months and going to 2. Sounds like your son was on the fast track!

  3. Jeannie Traverso says

    Remember when I was buying L shoes every month and I was giving her growing room. Chewy would argue that she needed a perfect fit… FINE! IT WAS HIS MONEY AFTER ALL.
    After buying new shoes every 2 weeks for 3 months, we went back to my way.
    Once she finally got into women sizes, it was much easier to buy shoes that would last a few months.
    In fact, she has been the same size for almost 2 years until a couple months ago. Now I have to buy the most expensive shoes of all… Irish Dance Shoes. Soft shoes (ghillies) are $50-80 , and Hardshoes are $165-180. I have to buy both this weekend. 😣😭😭

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