Another TMI Confession

If bathroom signs were truly accurate...

Well friends, brace yourself for another TMI confession: I don’t like to go to the bathroom in public establishments, to the point of stupidity. And even though I have had more than one experience that should have taught me a lesson, I continue to “hold it” with the understanding that I will be home soon, and all will be well. Allow me to paint you a picture: … [Read more...]

The story of a lost wallet, in which the only thing lost is my mind.

Today was a kickin’ summer day – the kind that makes me feel like I am killing it at the mom-game. We started with watching “Pan” at the Rave. It’s $1 per person and the kids love it. With a family our size, going to the movies is normally a special occasion. For example, we all just saw “Finding Dory” for Jason’s 6th birthday. But I digress. … [Read more...]

My Judgmental Morning

I like to think that I am not a judgmental person – we all like to think that, don’t we? But I seriously, truly thought, “I don’t judge others.” Do I judge myself? Heck yeah. I have so many judgmental thoughts about myself that I have named some of them and I trot them out and feed them. But that is a post for another day. Today, I have to Confess that I caught myself judging another person over something completely stupid, and was surprised at myself. … [Read more...]

Thankless Jobs

Confession: I occasionally have deep insights that surprise me. Yesterday I got a call from the school that Lyla was barking and wheezing. As I drove up there to get her, I saw one of the faithful school employees stacking up the traffic cones that he sets out every morning to divide the drop off lane from regular traffic. The cones are heavy, and there are a million of them. What a thankless job. … [Read more...]

Bueller…? Bueller….?

As I was driving the other morning doing the early morning seminary and school drop offs, I saw a shiny red corvette. The sun wasn’t even up yet, but this baby shone. It was obvious that this car was somebody’s pride and joy. That lead to me thinking about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. … [Read more...]