Dory turns 1, and I turn to God.

I have written and re-written this post. While faith isn’t the focus of my blog, it is the heart of everything I do. I wanted to write a post about Dory’s first birthday. This child is a miracle in so many ways, and she is adored by us all ( except maybe Lloyd. His feeling for her run from barely tolerant to utterly smitten, and usually within just a few minutes). … [Read more...]

My Judgmental Morning

I like to think that I am not a judgmental person – we all like to think that, don’t we? But I seriously, truly thought, “I don’t judge others.” Do I judge myself? Heck yeah. I have so many judgmental thoughts about myself that I have named some of them and I trot them out and feed them. But that is a post for another day. Today, I have to Confess that I caught myself judging another person over something completely stupid, and was surprised at myself. … [Read more...]

I Hate Mother’s Day

Confession: I hate Mother’s Day. What? Who hates Mother’s Day? Especially a mother of seven kids, right? In my experience, it’s a day of disappointed hopes and guilt. Maybe I am laying it on a bit thick, but that is a pretty good overview of my feelings. First, let’s address the disappointed hopes – … [Read more...]

Dear 21 year-old Pregnant Me,

Confession: I was just a baby when I started this whole parenting thing. There are so many things I wish someone had told me, so I am telling myself now: Dear 21 year-old Me, Since you have been pregnant, everyone and their mother has been coming out of the woodwork to give you unsolicited advice. Once the baby is on the outside, those advice givers kick in to overdrive. Over the last 15 years I have been able to sort out a lot of old wives tales versus fact. Hang in there, kiddo, I am here to help. … [Read more...]

Easter Miracles in the Flawed Household

Confession: We really struggle with teaching our children to be kind to one another. They are often nice to others. I hear stories of them sharing with classmates or helping others unasked, and it fills me with joy... and confusion. If they can be nice to their friends, and sometimes even perfect strangers, why can they not consistently be kind to one another? Every now and again something will happen to let me know that all is not lost. Today that happened THREE times. It was an Easter Miracle. … [Read more...]

Thankless Jobs

Confession: I occasionally have deep insights that surprise me. Yesterday I got a call from the school that Lyla was barking and wheezing. As I drove up there to get her, I saw one of the faithful school employees stacking up the traffic cones that he sets out every morning to divide the drop off lane from regular traffic. The cones are heavy, and there are a million of them. What a thankless job. … [Read more...]

How we came to be partial-homeschoolers

Confession: I never planned to homeschool my children. Any of them. This very new homeschool journey of ours crept up on us. The seed was planted at the end of last school year. I read an article/blog post that someone on Facebook had shared (that I have searched high and low for and cannot for the life of me find) listing the top 10 (or was it 8? 12? Gah!) reasons why she chose to homeschool her kids. … [Read more...]