I may be raising the next great super villain

Confession: I may be raising the next great super villain. A bold statement straight out of the gates, I know, but read on and I think you may agree with me. Lloyd is the runt of the litter. He actually holds the record for biggest/heaviest baby at birth, but his weight took a nose-dive at around 9 months and he is now the puniest of our crew. But don’t let his bony knees and pointy elbows fool you, this kid is not the cute little mascot-in-training that he looks like. … [Read more...]

If the baby shoes fit…

baby shoes

Once upon a time (about a week ago) I couldn’t find a single pair of Dory’s baby shoes. I found 4 individual shoes, but of course none of them matched. Ugh. We were trying to go run errands to begin with, and apparently a trip to the shoe store was going to be added in. At the last minute, Melanie found a second shoe that was a match. Hurrah! But the shoes seemed to fit just barely, so time to get a bigger size. … [Read more...]

No Deadline = No Work

No deadline, no work. As most of you know, I am a part-time college student in addition to the many other hats that I wear. Last semester I took a communications class that was clearly trying to make me lose my mind. I spent twice the amount of time on the class as should have been necessary, and still only eeked out a B (this is completely injurious to my nerd-nature). … [Read more...]

New Notebook = New Routine

Five days ago I stumbled across this cool blog post about using spiral notebooks for homeschooling. This was really close to what I was doing already. The system I started last year for my homeschool girls was printing out a list every morning of what they needed to accomplish in each subject. Copy, cut, paste. Pretty easy as most of our school days follow the same pattern. But this year we have changed things up a bit. … [Read more...]

That time I caved and let the kids play Pokemon Go…

**Confession: A couple of weeks ago, when the whole world started going crazy for Pokemon Go, I made a promise to myself that my kids wouldn’t be one of those zombies walking around with a smart phone at the ready to catch fake cartoon monsters because they have nothing better to do. I mean, seriously? … [Read more...]

Letting myself go…

Confession: When it comes to my appearance, I haven’t really tried to look nice in years. But that it changing. This week I actually sat down and thought about when things ended. When did I stop buying cute clothes? When did I stop putting on make-up every day? When did I stop putting it on ever? When did I become a jeans and my-husband’s-t-shirt girl? … [Read more...]