New Notebook = New Routine

Five days ago I stumbled across this cool blog post about using spiral notebooks for homeschooling. This was really close to what I was doing already. The system I started last year for my homeschool girls was printing out a list every morning of what they needed to accomplish in each subject. Copy, cut, paste. Pretty easy as most of our school days follow the same pattern. But this year we have changed things up a bit. … [Read more...]

Screen time in the summer…

**See disclaimer at bottom Summer is upon us people. And to quote one of my favorite Disney movies, High School Musical 2 (no, I’m not joking!) “But it’s summer… Everything changes.” Confession: I am guilty of allowing my kids too much screen time during the summer. I actually swing from one extreme to the other – I let them play on the family tablet, iPad, DS, Wii, and WiiU unchecked until they all start fighting because they want to be on the same device. Then I swing to the other extreme and say, “Fine! No one gets to play on ANYTHING.” (I’m totally balanced. Heh.) During this past school year I have been doing a lot better at regulating. Screen time tends to be a … [Read more...]

Mad Science Lab

Sugar crystals edition! Over the years (or "over the summers") our family has tried many recipes to make rock candy/sugar crystals. Last summer I must have wasted $20 on sugar that never made it's transformation. I can't tell you the number of canning jars with simple syrup we've had, when what we were going for was rock candy. But at long last, I have found a recipe that works! I also wanted to avoid throwing good money after bad, so instead of using canning jars, I used the empty baby food jars that Dory so obligingly supplied us with. The new Beechnut jars a taller than the standard baby food jars, allowing for more string to be in the solution. Here's what we … [Read more...]

How we came to be partial-homeschoolers

Confession: I never planned to homeschool my children. Any of them. This very new homeschool journey of ours crept up on us. The seed was planted at the end of last school year. I read an article/blog post that someone on Facebook had shared (that I have searched high and low for and cannot for the life of me find) listing the top 10 (or was it 8? 12? Gah!) reasons why she chose to homeschool her kids. … [Read more...]