Mad Science Lab

Sugar crystals edition! Over the years (or "over the summers") our family has tried many recipes to make rock candy/sugar crystals. Last summer I must have wasted $20 on sugar that never made it's transformation. I can't tell you the number of canning jars with simple syrup we've had, when what we were going for was rock candy. But at long last, I have found a recipe that works! I also wanted to avoid throwing good money after bad, so instead of using canning jars, I used the empty baby food jars that Dory so obligingly supplied us with. The new Beechnut jars a taller than the standard baby food jars, allowing for more string to be in the solution. Here's what we … [Read more...]

Fudge-y Black Bean Brownies

Confession:  I want to eat healthfully, until I eat healthy food and remember that it doesn’t taste that great. I’m sure this will have many of you up in arms – I welcome your comments and, more importantly, your recipes! – but this has been my experience pretty consistently. Does that stop me from trying new healthy recipes? … [Read more...]