22 Things in My Purse

As I was scrolling through my Facebook notifications yesterday, I came across a post from a few years ago where I had cleaned out my purse and itemized the contents. It was both impressive, gross, and inspiring. The grossest thing I had in my purse was a dirty diaper. I remember vowing to never let my purse get so cluttered again. Confession: I make vows like that a lot. I wouldn’t call them resolutions because I don’t do resolutions. They seem doomed for failure thanks to all our New Year’s best intentions that hang on until February to die. So instead I vow. That’s like, totally different. How did this vow hold up? Let’s take a look: … [Read more...]

A String of Mistakes

I was lucky enough to get to live with my grandparents (my mom too), when I was 10. My grandparents were both Mexican, and switched freely between Spanish and English. At the time my grasp of Spanish didn’t go much beyond all my body parts and counting to 100. It was an education, to be sure! My grandfather was retired and would spend his days either sitting on the front porch reading his newspaper and talking to any and all passerby, … [Read more...]