The story of a lost wallet, in which the only thing lost is my mind.

Today was a kickin’ summer day – the kind that makes me feel like I am killing it at the mom-game. We started with watching “Pan” at the Rave. It’s $1 per person and the kids love it. With a family our size, going to the movies is normally a special occasion. For example, we all just saw “Finding Dory” for Jason’s 6th birthday. But I digress. … [Read more...]

“I miss the new, clean house.”

Two Sundays ago our Flawed Family returned from vacation. What a fun vacation it was! We spent a week at Corpus Christi in the nicest condo (un-sponsored shout out to Nemo Cay Resort that had room for all eleven of us, and a few more too. When we got home, the first thing that Lloyd (4) said was “I miss the new, clean house.” … [Read more...]

Screen time in the summer…

**See disclaimer at bottom Summer is upon us people. And to quote one of my favorite Disney movies, High School Musical 2 (no, I’m not joking!) “But it’s summer… Everything changes.” Confession: I am guilty of allowing my kids too much screen time during the summer. I actually swing from one extreme to the other – I let them play on the family tablet, iPad, DS, Wii, and WiiU unchecked until they all start fighting because they want to be on the same device. Then I swing to the other extreme and say, “Fine! No one gets to play on ANYTHING.” (I’m totally balanced. Heh.) During this past school year I have been doing a lot better at regulating. Screen time tends to be a … [Read more...]

Girls’ Night Out = Wicked Traffic

**This post contains affiliate links. I make a tiny percentage off of purchases made through affiliate links, and it doesn't cost you a penny more. Thanks for helping my blogging business grow! Friday the 13th was the night I got to go with my big girls to see Wicked. At last! Yes, I had seen it just a few weeks before, and I loved it. I was only too excited for my girls to get to enjoy it as well. If you have never heard the music of Wicked, you can buy the CD here on Amazon. It is amazing! When Adam and I went, we had factored in plenty of time to get to Dallas Fair Park Music Hall. We arrived a little over an hour before the show, and enjoyed a leisurely dinner while waiting for the … [Read more...]

Mad Science Lab

Sugar crystals edition! Over the years (or "over the summers") our family has tried many recipes to make rock candy/sugar crystals. Last summer I must have wasted $20 on sugar that never made it's transformation. I can't tell you the number of canning jars with simple syrup we've had, when what we were going for was rock candy. But at long last, I have found a recipe that works! I also wanted to avoid throwing good money after bad, so instead of using canning jars, I used the empty baby food jars that Dory so obligingly supplied us with. The new Beechnut jars a taller than the standard baby food jars, allowing for more string to be in the solution. Here's what we … [Read more...]