Girls’ Night Out = Wicked Traffic

**This post contains affiliate links. I make a tiny percentage off of purchases made through affiliate links, and it doesn't cost you a penny more. Thanks for helping my blogging business grow! Friday the 13th was the night I got to go with my big girls to see Wicked. At last! Yes, I had seen it just a few weeks before, and I loved it. I was only too excited for my girls to get to enjoy it as well. If you have never heard the music of Wicked, you can buy the CD here on Amazon. It is amazing! When Adam and I went, we had factored in plenty of time to get to Dallas Fair Park Music Hall. We arrived a little over an hour before the show, and enjoyed a leisurely dinner while waiting for the … [Read more...]

Eyebrow Anxiety

I am going to be doing a health challenge post in just a couple of days that will need a before and after picture of my face. I snapped a picture of my face – a totally high-class selfie, ha!- and realized that I needed to do a little work on my eyebrows. Like, I needed to make sure there were TWO. Confession: I have a natural uni-brow. … [Read more...]