Girls’ Night Out = Wicked Traffic

**This post contains affiliate links. I make a tiny percentage off of purchases made through affiliate links, and it doesn't cost you a penny more. Thanks for helping my blogging business grow! Friday the 13th was the night I got to go with my big girls to see Wicked. At last! Yes, I had seen it just a few weeks before, and I loved it. I was only too excited for my girls to get to enjoy it as well. If you have never heard the music of Wicked, you can buy the CD here on Amazon. It is amazing! When Adam and I went, we had factored in plenty of time to get to Dallas Fair Park Music Hall. We arrived a little over an hour before the show, and enjoyed a leisurely dinner while waiting for the … [Read more...]

Easter Miracles in the Flawed Household

Confession: We really struggle with teaching our children to be kind to one another. They are often nice to others. I hear stories of them sharing with classmates or helping others unasked, and it fills me with joy... and confusion. If they can be nice to their friends, and sometimes even perfect strangers, why can they not consistently be kind to one another? Every now and again something will happen to let me know that all is not lost. Today that happened THREE times. It was an Easter Miracle. … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why Being Child #7 Rocks

Confession: Though I don’t play favorites with my children, there is no doubt that a certain someone is getting off a lot easier than her other siblings. Dory has the joy of being Lucky Number Seven. And she really is lucky. The other morning, as I asked her older sisters to watch her while I took a shower, it occurred to me that: … [Read more...]

Dinner and a Spectacle

Last Thursday night we went out to eat. We usually eat out once per week or so. Confession: I usually dread when we eat out. Unless we are at Chic-Fil-A or CiCi’s – places where you don’t have to be particularly quiet (or, dare I say it, well behaved) my kids are bound to make a spectacle of themselves. I would rather stay home. … [Read more...]

Thankless Jobs

Confession: I occasionally have deep insights that surprise me. Yesterday I got a call from the school that Lyla was barking and wheezing. As I drove up there to get her, I saw one of the faithful school employees stacking up the traffic cones that he sets out every morning to divide the drop off lane from regular traffic. The cones are heavy, and there are a million of them. What a thankless job. … [Read more...]