Easter Miracles in the Flawed Household

Confession: We really struggle with teaching our children to be kind to one another. They are often nice to others. I hear stories of them sharing with classmates or helping others unasked, and it fills me with joy... and confusion. If they can be nice to their friends, and sometimes even perfect strangers, why can they not consistently be kind to one another? Every now and again something will happen to let me know that all is not lost. Today that happened THREE times. It was an Easter Miracle. … [Read more...]

Cindy Lou Who

It’s kind of a joke around here that we don’t have different children, we just reproduce the same child every couple of years. Our kids bear a strong resemblance to one another – they definitely can’t deny being related. Well, I suppose they could try, but they wouldn’t be able to get too far with it. Then along came Dory. … [Read more...]

Sleep is overrated…

... said no parent, ever. Confession: I haven’t had consistent, uninterrupted sleep in years. Some would say since they became a parent, but it’s not quite that bad for me. My girls were better sleepers than the boys. At a year old, all of the boys were still waking up at least once a night. Even now, Lloyd is three and still wakes up more nights than not to come (try) to sleep in my bed. Last night was an extreme when it comes to fractured sleep. … [Read more...]

I Cry. A lot.

For anyone who knows me, this Confession will hardly come as a shock: I cry a lot. Not as much as I used to, thank goodness, but I think it is safe to say that I spend more time in tears than your average bear. It’s not that my life is terrible, nor is it that I am a spoiled brat, it’s just my coping mechanism. At least that’s what my therapist says. Just kidding, I don’t have a therapist. Though I probably should. … [Read more...]