Thankless Jobs

Confession: I occasionally have deep insights that surprise me.

Yesterday I got a call from the school that Lyla was barking and wheezing. As I drove up there to get her, I saw one of the faithful school employees stacking up the traffic cones that he sets out every morning to divide the drop off lane from regular traffic. The cones are heavy, and there are a million of them.


What a thankless job.

The first thing I thought when I watched him was, “It’s like making your bed.” (For the record, I never make my bed.) This diligent worker cleans up the cones every morning only to have to set them out again for the afternoon pick-up. And then he stacks them up again. Day in and day out he does this. Why?

The easy answer is: because it’s his job. But if you look a little deeper, it’s to protect the kids. Us too, but mainly the kids. If he didn’t set up those cones, parents would try to cut in line for the drop off lane. Or they’d try to park where they are not supposed to. And when the parents do those things, it’s ultimately the kids who are at risk of getting hit by a car because their parents didn’t follow the rules.

It occurred to me as I watched him that those cones are like so many of the routine tasks that we should do and often neglect. Not trying to be preachy here, just sharing that I know how often I neglect the little things that really are the big things. How often do I forget to look up and smile when my husband walks in to a room? How often do I “mm-hmm” the kids while doing my school work and they come up to talk to me? How often do we rush through family prayer to get out the door on time when in the grand scheme of things praying is going to help us a lot more than being at school in time to hear what’s for lunch in the cafeteria?

So there is my epiphany, dear blogosphere; the little things that may seem cumbersome, repetitive and boring are often times the very things that keep us safe. Stay safe, friends. 😉



  1. Paula Yingst says

    Deep insights that surprise you are what will make your blog successful, Christina. You are a blessing … never overlook that.

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