Thirfty Thursday- Flawed Mama Edition

It’s late in the day, but I am still making my (self-imposed) deadline!

Time for the Flawed Mama’s thrift store finds:

Confession: I didn’t plan on buying anything when we went thrifting. Melanie (15) and Angela (13) were the driving force behind our trip. –BUT- how boring is it to just stand around while other people shop? I figured I would browse the racks, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t purchase anything unless I loved it.

I found three things to love.


The first thing I found was this awesome brown baby-doll style top. I was so excited because it looks just like a brown top that I had about 10 years ago and wore once a week until it literally wore out. When the hem unraveled for the second time and a new hole sprouted nowhere near a seam, I finally got rid of it. To find a shirt so similar made me gasp. Next step was to check the price tag. It was $5.99, and a red tag, which meant was half off. SOLD!

Next up was the pair of Saint John’s Bay jeans. I had been checking out the jeans at Sam’s Club because my favorite pair had finally worn through on the right knee (I am noticing a theme here with my worn out clothes). While some people can sport holey jeans and look amazing, I look homeless. Out they went. That’s why I was willing to try these jeans on.  Normally they cost $50 at JC Penny when they are not on sale, but they were marked $7.99 and were half off as well? Worth a shot, right? They fit like a glove. SOLD!

The last item was probably my favorite find. Living in Fort Worth, every day is a good day to wear purple thanks to TCU. I love that! Priced at $5.99 I would have paid full price for it, but alas, it had a red tag, so… Half off baby!!

A fashion model I am not.
A fashion model I am not.

I walked out spending just over $10 with tax for 3 items that I have already gotten mileage out of.  I even took my latest head shot in the purple blouse.

Money. Well. Spent.


    • FlawedHumanBlog says

      The store is called “Tagged Again” on Camp Bowie. It’s by the YWCA Resale Shop. They’ve got cute stuff, and if you focus on whatever the colored tag of the day is and only shop those items, it’s cheap!!

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