Thrifty Thursday – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Baby it’s cold outside. Texas is finally having a winter! While I am super thrilled, Melanie was a little less enthusiastic when I asked her to model a few of her latest thrifting finds outside. It was 33 degrees, and with wind chill it felt like 25 degree. But she did it, because she loves me.

This week we went back to Family Thrift Outlet in Fort Worth, but thankfully not on 25 cent day. Because seriously, despite the good finds, it was a zoo. Instead we went on Friday, where everything was $1.75. Melanie, Angela and I each walked out with a bag full of goodies. This week we will look at what treasures Melanie found!

Mel is pretty much always cold. I don’t know where she gets it from, as I live in a land of perma-hot/sweat, but she loves layers to keep her warm. This cute zip-up jacket is great for indoor wear during the Winter, and outdoor for Spring and Fall.


Baby it's cold outside, zip up sweater
You will notice that Melanie’s fingers are prudently covered by her sleeves. Brr!

You know hunters always get a picture with their big kills? Here’s Mel posing with her “thrifting kills.”

Baby it's cold outside, thrifting deals
To quote Fat Amy: “Crushed it.”

The first to shirts shown above were actually from 25cent day. I asked Melanie to model the red and white one. “It’s twenty five degrees out and you want me to wear a short sleeved shirt?? Woman!!” I took that as a no, and didnt even bother to ask her to model the skirt. Hahaha.

Melanie posing in striped sweater.
This was her favorite score. Melanie has a “thing” for stripes and long sleeves, so this sweater was the jack pot.

And to tell you more about the store: go when you have time to dig. There were racks upon racks of clothes, loosely sorted. Nothing is in order by size or color, just by type of clothing (like all the pants together, and skirts are grouped together and the like.) Melanie, Angela and I spent over an hour there sliding hanger after hanger to the left while still searching for something that said “buy me.” Then we still had to take a leap of faith that the items would fit because there are no changing rooms there.

Rows and rows of clothes.
Rows and rows of clothes.

Though it involves a lot of work, we will definitely be coming back. What it lacks in organization it makes up for in great prices!

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