Thrifty Thursday – Girls Edition

Thrifty Thursday Girls edition is made up of one find from Lyla, Angela, and Melanie. Why? I’ll tell you: *This post contains affliate links. When you click on or purchase through these links I make a tiny fee at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog*
We headed to another new place, this one on the recommendation of a friend. Family Thrift Outlet in Fort Worth was our target. What I didn’t realize was that this place does depreciating pricing. On Thursday everything is $2, Friday $1.50, Saturday $1.25, etc.

We showed up today not knowing that it was the day that everything (left) is only 25 cents. On one hand, that’s an awesome deal! On the other hand, it was hugely crowded, terribly picked over, and there were people just grabbing up whole carts of things. One lady I saw just grabbed every pair of shoes she saw. I’m certain most of the people with mounded over carts then turn around and resell them. Not a bad racket, but it was pretty lame for us.

So without further ado, here are 3 cute tops/dresses that set me back and entire $0.75 total. TOTAL!

The Finds:

Lyla’s Shirt

Lyla's Thrifty Thursday find
Lyla found this cute top all on her own!

Even though Lyla has tons of her sisters’ hand-me-downs to use, she still has a style all her own. She loves tie-dye and floral patterns. This answers her desire for both! And though it doesn’t show in the picture, it even has a little bling up by the collar. Did I mention that it was 25 cents?

Angela’s Blouse

Thrifty Thursday cheap finds - Angela edition
I think Angela was more excited to show off her new hair than her shirt.

Ange found a pair of olive jeans and this sweet rayon top. We were both geeking out over the bell shaped sleeves. Sweet! And it was $0.25. TWENTY FIVE CENTS PEOPLE!

Melanie’s Dress

Melanie's Thrifty Thursday dress
We were afraid ti was going to be too big. Nope!

When Melanie held this dress up with a “Maybe???” look on her face, I said, “It’s twenty-five cents. If you hate it, it’s no big deal.” Keep in mind that this is a huge departure from my usual mantra of “If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.” For a quarter, it was totally worth the gamble, and I think it’s safe to say that Mel came out the winner in this crap shoot!

Thirfty Thursday all girls edition
The back of Mel’s dress. So cute!!

The only thing I didn’t grab a picture of was the pile of t-shirts I bought. I bought 6 purple t-shirts because I am forever coming across cute crafts that call for old t-shirts. Turning those purple shirts into t-shirt yarn is next on my to-do list. Wee!

My take away: We will definitely be back, but not likely on a Wednesday. Coming on a Thursday when they get their new arrivals is our next target. Since $2 a pop is still a great deal and there will be TONS more to look at, it’s well worth another trip. Perhaps even a weekly trip! There were 5 long racks to go through today which is nothing to sneeze at. However there are easily 4 times that amount in the whole store, they just had it blocked off and were setting up for tomorrow already. We’re excited to get a look at what they have on day 1.

Which top/dress was your favorite?






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