Thrifty Thursday – Melanie Edition

For this week’s Thrifty Thursday Melanie, Angela and I wanted to go to Thrift Town. Between the comments in last weeks section and the private messages I received, it looked like Thrift Town was the place to be. So you can only imagine our disappointment when we discovered that it was closed. As in gone. *Cue violins*

Instead, we went to McCart Thrift Center in Fort Worth. This place was HUGE in comparison to the stores that we went to last month. All of the clothing is grouped by color, which looks super cool, but makes finding the right size quite a chore. There was a huge rack of red tops that Angela was browsing through and she kept getting excited and pulling shirts out only to find that they were not her size. Lame.

I really thought that with so many more items to look through, that we we all come out victorious. I tried on 6 different items and came away with nothing more than a resolve to go on a diet because everything looked terrible. When I came out of the changing rooms and put everything back, the girls said, “Not even one??”

“The only way I can describe it is to say that every single one made me look lumpy. LUMPY. That’s a no.”

Melanie was the one to spend her month’s thrifting allowance in one go. She found not one, but three dresses.

Thrifty Thursday church dress
“I can wear it to church. Or anywhere. Because I love it.”

This cute purple one was just less than $5. Yes please!

Thrifty Thursday and greenery
The greenery was fighting for the spotlight. Melanie was no amused. (But I was!)

Next up, Melanie found a beautiful Tarzan-style (is that a thing?) dress that is perfect for an upcoming Church event where the theme is “Red Carpet.” Melanie is all about covering up, so she put a solid black layering-T on underneath.

Thrifty Thursday Tarzan Dress
My camera thinks that purple and blue are both indigo. ??? This is actually navy blue.

This dress seems to make her feel extra-sassy. Eek! This one was $8, but when you consider it likely cost upwards of $80 originally, I call it a good deal.

Thrifty Thursday 102016
Um, pop that hip back in, Miss Thang!

Mel actually found one more dress, but she is saving it for a special occasion and wants it to be a surprise. “No photos, Mama!” *sigh*

Until next Thrifty Thursday! Angela may not have found as many items as Melanie, but she got a steal!





  1. Jeannie Traverso says

    Can I send L with you one day. She loves to thrift shop too. Wish we had a Savers like they do in AZ. It would be a Monday morning shopping day, where you wait for the color tag to be announced. .99c (blue tags)
    This is why we come back with a bunch of clothes for L.

    • FlawedHumanBlog says

      Yes! I will let you know when we are going again – maybe next week. The girls would love another friend to dig through the racks with.

  2. Allison says

    I was devastated to get my email from thrift town saying they were shutting down the fort worth store after like 30 yrs!! And I don’t even live there anymore, haha. McCart is annoying to dig through but has a huge selection. But it is swell if you need to find something by colour for a film, hahaha! Great finds, can’t wait to see the fancy schmancy dress eventually 🙂

    • FlawedHumanBlog says

      All I could think about was how awesome their Going Out of Business sale must have been! Hahaha
      You will love the dress. It has star power!

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