Thrifty Thursday – Thanksgiving Edition

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And even though it is Thanksgiving, this post is all about the awesome deals I got at WalMart in the days after Halloween.

First, let me say that Wal-Mart was not the first stop on our quest for discount costumes. We first went to Spirit Halloween. If you’ve never heard of them, they are an online costume warehouse that sets up brick and mortar shops every September and it disappears the week after Halloween. Knowing that they would be gone in a week, and that everything would be on clearance, we headed in with high hopes.

There were a lot of costumes left, but even at half off, the prices were more than I was looking to spend. Angela found a warrior costume that she really liked, but it was still $30 after discount. Errr. So we pulled it out of the package to see how well it was put together and what it was made out of. It was more plastic and foam than actual fabric. (I have looked in their online store for a picture and now I can’t find the one she had OR Melanie’s. Lesson learned – take a picture while we are there.) I could see it going to pieces the first time we washed it. I told her I would happily give her $30 to start building her costume, but those pieces needed to be real, not faux foam. She was bummed, but she understood.

Next Melanie decided that she was going to be a ninja next year. I made her the same proposition. I’d rather spend $30 on thrifted black pants, shirt and hood that can be used on any number of occasions then to spend that for a cheap costume that we’d be lucky to get more than one wear out of. She was game. So we blew out of Spirit and headed across the street to Wal-Mart just to see what they had.

What they had was a boat load of Halloween stuff marked 50% off. Woohoo! And that’s 50% off their already reasonable prices. My budget was happy.

Thrifty Thursday Thanksgiving Edition Boys and Costumes
Jason and Christian were quite pleased.

We scored 2 costumes for the boys. I wasn’t worried about getting one for Lloyd, as he has all of his brothers’ old costumes to choose from. But here is what made me so happy about the costumes for Jason and Christian – they included masks! It seemed like most of the super hero costumes that we looked at at Spirit Halloween required you to purchase EVERYTHING separately. Not Wal-Mart. Score!! And the fact that they each love the character we got them certainly didn’t hurt anything either.

In addition to their costumes I also bought a one-size-fits-all pair of black and white striped tights for $1.97. I bought an orange pair last year that saved the day randomly when one of the girls had to have orange tights for a dress-up character day at school. (Their mom rocks.)

Thirfty Thursday Halloween junk food
Cheap junk food? Yes, please.

Then I zeroed in on stuff that I would normally buy anyway, but was super cheap because it happened to be orange or have a Halloween-y box. Hand soap, which we are always in need of, for only 50 cents? Heck yeah! I couldn’t care less that there are ghosts on it. And the cake mix and frosting for 50% less than it had been the day before? I make cupcakes so rarely, it might very well be Halloween before I get around to making these. But when I do, I will triumph at knowing that I bought it on the cheap! (Hurrah!!)

The only item that I deem a mistake was the bag of candy. I hadn’t looked closely at the loot my kids brought home the night before, but there is seriously a TON of it. We still have 2 shoe boxes full and it’s nearly a month later. This bag of candy is still sitting on a shelf in the pantry. Next year, no cheap candy.

Three days after Halloween I had to run to the store for milk, and I scored 3 pirate swords for $0.72 each. Those are hiding in my closet and are going to make an appearance at Christmastime. Another bonus about buying them so cheaply is that I won’t feel guilty about wasted money when they boys keep stabbing each other with them and I end up throwing them away. See? Win-win.

What was your best after Halloween score? And any Black Friday shoppers out there? (Not me, too many people!) I’d love to hear you best scores!




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